Frequently asked questions

What products do you sell?

We resell previously owned clothing. This clothing has been sourced from local charities, estate sales and private parties. All of the items are hand picked and selected based on condition, quality and style.

Why do you not accept returns?

With most items we do not accept returns - as these are previously used goods to begin with. There are rare cases, where the policy is not the same as doing the right thing. It's really dependent upon how the return "feels" or how the request is conveyed. After several years of reselling we've found that, sadly, there are those that are not interested in the impact of returns on time, travel and waste. Additionally, it is our method of scam prevention. On a further note, one of our key focuses with H.H. Wardrobe is sustainability To hold to our convictions, we try as little as possible to promote returns by advising on the impact and waste of package materials and fuel. We believe that we can reduce the level of returns simply by putting a detailed description with accurate sizing and photos.

Why do your packing bags come with a repacking strip?

We opted to purchase and use the repacking strip bags as a method to promote reusing the bags - rather than dispose of them after one-time use. We hope these little reusable bags are useful to each of our customers and that they are indeed being utilized even after our customers have received their goods.

I received a small token bag in my shipment. What is this?

We often send little gifts or surprises with each order. We hope you enjoy it and it's one more way of thanking you for your purchase. If, for any reason, you do not like the gift you received we encourage you to pass it on to a friend, coworker or someone else to brighten their day.