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Known Supply

Vivienne NWT Tunic Tee made by Marilyu Flores


Known Supply - A women's and men's apparel brand that is passionate about connecting customers to the people who made their clothes. Each item is signed by the maker who created it, and all products are made at facilities that celebrate and honor makers by paying living wages as well as supporting the communities where the workers live. They also offer customization options so you can order a truly unique piece! From their website: "We are disheartened by what fast fashion is doing to our planet and the people who make our clothes. We don’t like what we see, so we decided to do something about. As more of us put people first when it comes to making our purchasing decisions, the clothing industry will too. Together with you, we will tell an industry that all people are valuable, and in the process, we’ll change the lives of the millions of people who are a part of it."